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Why do we say brokers are better?

Advantages to having a broker instead of a captive agent.

Even having been licensed in 2007 and helping thousands of families and businesses all over the country, insurance is still complex and not always simple to understand. Insurance is a contract that is meant to be mutually beneficial to both the company and client but every plan is only as good as what's in the fine print.

A good broker looks at the plans that they sell as life and death for the customer. We are always aware that all it takes is just one line in a fifty page brochure being overlooked and a client could end up in bankruptcy. It's no surprise that medical bills are one of the top causes bankruptcy in the United States today.

It's an insurance brokers job to protect the insured by reviewing all available options, comparing the benefits, and breaking it all down into terms that you or the average Joe can understand.  

A captive agent would be an agent who only works for one insurer and can sell only the products allowed by that insurer. We believe that a broker is better because a broker works for you the client, not the insurer. The broker is free to work with any insurer in the country offering the best combination of price and benefit to our client.

Since the broker does not work for any single company, they can honestly asses available options and even combine products form multiple carriers to get the right package of benefits to meet their clients specific needs. 


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